Frequently Asked Questions

There are often questions when someone starts using ProFresh Oral Rinse for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restore my confidence in my breath?

Scientific studies have proven that people cannot tell by themselves if their breath smells good or bad. A friend or relative can easily confirm that ProFresh is working; this will help build confidence in your breath.

Why is the first bottle double strength?

When you first use ProFresh there will be an accumulation of excess bacteria on your tongue. In order to dislodge the built-up bacteria we have found a double-strength solution to be very effective. Note: This double-strength solution may have a more salty taste than the single-strength solution you will use ongoing.

Why is there no flavor to ProFresh?

The active ingredient in ProFresh is chlorine dioxide, a very effective deodorizing and anti-bacterial agent. Its unique properties work to neutralize the organic bacteria in the mouth and the odors they generate. All flavoring compounds are also organic. If we added a flavor to ProFresh the chlorine dioxide would eliminate the flavoring compounds first, leaving less chlorine dioxide to work on the bacteria that cause bad breath. ProFresh is designed to fight the cause of your bad breath, not to cover it up with flavoring agents.

Will ProFresh change my taste sensation?

Yes, ProFresh will positively adjust the chemistry in your mouth as the excess bacteria that cause bad breath are removed each day. Some first-time users do notice a difference in taste sensation, sometimes slightly salty, but that is only temporary. After the first week of use normal taste will return and, in fact, many users claim a more sensitive and better sense of taste.

Is the tongue scraper hard to use?

If you have never used a tongue scraper before you may experience a gag reaction if you push the scraper too far back on the first try. Start by gently scraping from the middle of your tongue to the front. As you get used to that, move the scraper a little further back each day until you can reach the back of your tongue.

When do I use toothpaste?

You may brush your teeth after using ProFresh, do not brush or use any other oral products before using ProFresh. Using toothpaste is an important part of your daily oral health routine.

If you wear removable dentures:

Clean removable dentures daily. Rinse thoroughly with water. Soak the denture(s) overnight in ProFresh Rinse the first night you start the ProFresh program. Thereafter, soak them in ProFresh overnight once each month.

Are there any other tips that might help improve my breath?

Yes, there are many little steps you can take to help reduce the occurrence of bad breath on a daily basis. Here are just a few:

  • Always stay hydrated – most people don’t know that we don’t produce saliva at night. So, if you’re not hydrated you can experience dry mouth which will make morning breath worse.
  • Take time to develop a twice-daily oral care routine.
  • Avoid tobacco and sugar, and if you smoke – try to quit.
  • Even if you run out of ProFresh, clean your tongue with a tongue scraper to remove the mucus layer that harbors bad breath bacteria.

You can learn more about these tips and others in this article, from ProFresh trusted dentists, Woodall & Mcneill.

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