A Message from Dr. Richter

Inventor of ProFresh and World Recognized Authority on Halitosis and Breath Disorders

A Message from Dr. Richter

An Important Message from Dr. Jon L. Richter D.M.D., Ph.D.
Founder of ProFresh and World Recognized Authority on Halitosis

In 1992 I founded the first clinic for research, diagnosis and treatment of bad breath odor problems in the United States. In my clinic we discovered that almost all breath odor problems originate from a type of bacteria that inhabits the mouth, particularly on the back surface of the tongue. We found that cleaning the back of the tongue and rinsing with a solution containing chlorine dioxide eliminated bad breath in over 99% of our patients. Chlorine dioxide is a safe but powerful deodorant and antibacterial agent, used for decades for the purification of drinking water. I patented a unique method of preparing and confining chlorine dioxide in a safe and effective solution for oral use and called it ProFresh Oral Rinse. My patent excludes all other manufacturers from using chlorine dioxide in a mouthwash.*

Shortly after I reported my success in treating patients for halitosis, “bad breath clinics” began appearing all over the world. In addition, many new products emerged claiming to contain chlorine dioxide. In their claims, some of these products refer to their “oxygen”, “oxidizing” or oxygenating effects. Independent laboratory analysis of these products demonstrates that none of them contain any significant level of chlorine dioxide nor do they contain or release oxygen. Unfortunately, there is very little regulation of the claims that mouthwash manufacturers can make about their products. As long as these products do not actually contain chlorine dioxide (which would infringe on my patent), they can say whatever they want.

In an attempt to discredit ProFresh, one brand that claims to contain chlorine dioxide (but does not) asserts that the amount of chlorine dioxide in ProFresh decreases significantly over a period of six weeks. Laboratory studies have shown conclusively that the amount of chlorine dioxide in ProFresh remains essentially unchanged for at least one year, if kept at or near room temperature.

I find it interesting that some of the vendors of the mislabeled chlorine dioxide mouthwashes also sell a whole line of products including tablets, sprays, “power drops,” chewing gum and breath mints. They don’t actually manufacture these products. They simply buy them from other manufacturers, put their name on them and sell them as specialized breath products. I cannot understand why one would need these additional products if their mouthwash worked in the first place. Most bad breath sufferers know from experience that all these strongly flavored additional products only mask the odor of bad breath for a short time. They are not a permanent solution.

The simple truth is that a diligent program of good oral hygiene, together with twice a day tongue cleaning and rinsing with ProFresh Oral Rinse with chlorine dioxide, will control even the most stubborn cases of bad breath.

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* The U.S. Patent awarded to Dr. Richter excludes any other oral rinse from containing any more than 0.0003% of chlorine dioxide (smaller amounts will not control your bad breath).

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